Desqueeze lets iPhone/iPad amateurs and professionals reformat, resize and de-squeeze a heap of photos and videos using templates or custom settings up to 8192 px and 4k respectively

Desqueeze is a simple app for batch resize photos and videos. It allows to set size in pixels, percent and aspect ratio, use size presets, set compression format, vary resize options. In addition you can specify photo DPI and video Bitrate via main settings. App provides real-time preview while configuring photo and video settings. Group of photos and videos can be processed and shared together. All results are automatically saved to Photo Library and could be easily found in specific albums. The app allows to save photo and video settings as a Template and use it many times in future. Custom templates can be edited when necessary. In addition, the Desqueeze has built-in templates, which can also be used for photo and video processing. Also this photo & video resizer has an ability to select entire album for processing and successfully resizes bulk of items with different orientations. This photo & video resizer is ideal tool for anamorphic de-squeeze.

Upgrade to Pro version makes Desqueeze more informative and powerful:

* added two size input modes - percent and aspect ratio

* added ability to create/edit templates

* added more editing tools

* added pixel size to each item in list

Main features:

* batch resize photos and videos

* anamorphic de-squeeze

* manual size input in pixels, percent and aspect ratios

* size presets * size swap(rotation)

* save photo and video settings as template

* use/edit built-in and custom templates

* photo DPI input

* video Bitrate input

* photo and video orientation detection

* selection of all items in album

* 3 photo formats JPEG, PNG, TIFF, HEIC and Auto detection

* 3 video formats MP4, QuickTime(MOV), M4V and Auto detection

* 3 resize methods - stretch, ratio clip and ratio fill

* photo and video full size viewer/player

* settings detailed real-time image preview

* photo and video sharing

Device specific max pixel size for photo | video:

* iPhone 5, iPad 3(retina)/Mini2 and lower - 4096 | 1920x1080 (1080p)

* iPhone 5s, iPad Air/Mini2 and newer - 8192 | 3840x2160 (2160p, 4K UHD)

* iPhone 8/X, iPad 2018/Pro 2017 and newer - 8192 | 4096x2160 (4K DCI)